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Founder & Chief Literacy Specialist

A Bronx native, Tina has always held a unique passion for education. Her background in literacy intervention and classroom management began at the Richard R. Green High School of Teaching. Field experience and an early adventure into teaching pedagogy acted as a springboard, propelling her into Hunter College's advanced degree programs at the age of 16.

As a proud graduate of Hunter's Quality Urban Elementary School Teacher (QUEST) program, she has dedicated her life to improving education outcomes in high needs areas across New York - including the South Bronx and Harlem. Serving as a Literacy Specialist, classroom language arts educator and at times, unofficial parent coordinator, she has worked tirelessly to provide equal opportunity education to all children in need. Social advocacy has always been at the heart of her pursuits, guiding her to children around the globe - including Mexico and South America - as a leader of several community building initiatives. Through art, theater and literacy she specializes in adaptive teaching techniques, literacy interventions and classroom management.

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Founder & Special Education Consultant

Topher D. Ivey is the co-founder and chief business manager of Unicorn Theory Consulting. Hailing from the Bronx he has spent his life in the pursuit of equal opportunity education. After graduating from Mount Saint Michael Academy he honed his communication skills at Binghamton University (English Rhetoric & History) before studying Information Technology at the New York Institute of Technology. A member of the NYCTF's 18th Cohort (Secondary Special Education), he has dedicated his life to working with special needs students in the South Bronx and Harlem. With technology, communication and special education rigor as the cornerstones of his professional philosophy he founded Unicorn Theory to uplift, engage and strengthen the bonds between students and educators from all cultural backgrounds.