The most magically universal hall-pass ever invented. (Phew, try saying that five times fast)

As featured in our workshops, each pass is formatted to support dozens of classroom scenarios while taking only seconds to fill out - reducing stress and providing greater transparency for tracking student movement. #uniPASS

Rich contextual information at a glance provides an easily accessible, user friendly experience with a near zero learning curve.

The use of universally recognized icons to indicate location and intent - bathroom break, water, conference with another staff member, medical - can be used with students aged K-12 in any education setting (General Education, Special Education, SETTS).

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Our patented graphic probability model combines functionality and variability in an easy to comprehend format. One pass uses a combination of graphics and text allowing for dozens of individual use cases while still allowing space for individual instruction, notes or reminders. Designed with universality, transparency and ease of use in mind - Unicorn Theory Universal School Passes (lovingly known as uniPASSES) leverages the human brain's unique ability to recognize and decode visual patterns. Each pass is clear, concise and cuts down on crucial decision making time. This combats mental fatigue, allowing educators and other staff to retain needed energy for more critical tasks.

Each pass also provides a snapshot of student whereabouts and activities for other staff members, adding a layer of safety to student movement. 

*Custom Letterhead/Branding Available - please direct inquires for bulk orders to client services