Success Stories


Heather D.

8th Grade ELA  Teacher

"Your approach to teaching ELLs is amazing! You took a difficult and challenging curriculum and translated it into strategies that a mere first or 2nd year ELL student could both participate and engage in. Your methods really incorporate the student learning styles and that shows your strength and why your students feel so connected to  your magical teaching style!"


Ivette G.

7-8th Grade ESL Teacher

"I felt empowered to move in a different direction from how I was used to teaching. The best part was that  I saw my students were become more confident and independent in their ability to move forward with their writing assignments."

Vanessa L. 


"Since the classroom changed I see positive changes in my daughter. She focuses more & she's attentive before. She used to always doze off.  Now she participates more, she's engaged with classroom activities & she's into school more."


"Your literacy workshop was AMAZING! It impacted my ability to teach in various ways! My most difficult student used to hate writing and now he loves to write short stories. He had trouble comprehending stories, now he can break down every detail needed. The best part though? He wants his other high school teachers to teach like me, using the same routines we learned."

Frances C.

Special Education Teacher